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Generally mesh screens are not recommended.  Collectors and mounts must
withstand expected wind and snow loads.  Collector design should allow for
rapid replacement of glass covers.  Pumps, pipes, and controls should be
reasonably accessible to allow repair or replacement.  Water pumps should be
located so that leakage does not cause serious damage.
As of the date of this report, the Navy has installed solar heating systems
at many of its bases including family housing units, BEQ's, cafeterias, and
miscellaneous buildings.  As solar designs move from theory to practice, a
knowledge of reliability, durability, and maintainability is desired to
achieve maximum system performance.  To achieve this information NCEL has
initiated an on-site evaluation of solar systems installed at these bases.
These evaluations have resulted in a compilation of "lessons learned" which
in turn has resulted in suggestions as to how to do a preventative
maintenance program to avoid these common problems.  The list of "lessons
learned" can be used as a pre-design checklist as well as a guide for a
preventative maintenance program.  After the program is complete details may
be included in this handbook or perhaps as a separate document.  Preliminary
information is available from the reference section (Durlak, 1983).
2.10.4 Contract submittals required.  In soliciting a bid from a proposed
contractor, the worksheets in the following sections will provide the
necessary information to evaluate each proposal.  It is urged that there be
close coordination between the different design disciplines at all stages of
design and preparation of construction drawings.  Whether or not these
worksheets are used, the following list provides the information that should
be obtained from any proposed contractor:
Introduction (briefly state scope, project description, references,
method used, etc.).
Study summary (much of this information would be contained on
completed worksheet A).
FY Year, P-Number and project location.
Type of solar system (domestic hot water, space heating, space
(3)  Type and area of collectors.
(4)  Estimate solar system installed costs (exclusive of SIOH and
(5)  Average annual energy savings and fuel used.
(6)  Average energy savings in barrels of oil equivalent (BOE).
(7)  Percent energy contribution from solar systems.
(8)  Savings/investment ratios.
(9)  Solar system design cost (study and design costs separate).
(10) DEIS fuel costs that are used in study.
(11  Description of freeze and high temperature and pressure
(12) Description of control sequence.
(13) Initial year O&M costs and requirements.


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