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Building Code
Council of American Building Officials
DOE/CS/34281-01, "Recommended
Requirements to Code Officials for Solar
Heating, Cooling, and Hot Water Systems",
Jun 1980
Overall Standards Summary
National Bureau of Standards, NBSIR
78-1143A, "Plan for the Development and
Implementation of Standards for Solar
Heating and Cooling Applications"; or
"ASTM Standards on Solar Energy", ASTM
Committee E-44, Jul 1981
Installation Guidelines
National Bureau of Standards, NBS Tech.
Note 1134, "Guidelines for the
Installation of Solar Components on Low
Sloped Roofs"; and Dept. of Energy,
"Installation Guidelines for Solar DHW
Systems in One and Two-Family Dwellings";
National Bureau of Standards, NBSIR
80-2116, "Dimensional Considerations in
Solar Installations"; and
Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning
Contractor National Association, Inc.,
"Installation Standards for One and Two-
Family Dwellings and Multifamily Housing
Including Solar"
Solar Materials and
Dept. of Energy, DOE/TIC-11374 "Solar
Heating Materials Handbook" Jan 1981; and
National Bureau of Standards Technical
Note 1132, "Solar Energy Systems -
Standards for Cover Plates for Flat Plate
Collectors" Dec 1980; and
National Bureau of Standards, NBSIR
79-1913, "Solar Energy Systems - Standards
for Rubber Hose" Oct 1979; and
National Bureau of Standards, NBSIR
81-2232, "Solar Energy Systems - Standards
for Absorber Materials" Jan 1981
Miscellaneous Tests
National Bureau of Standards, NBSIR
81-2344, "Fire Testing of Roof-Mounted
Solar Collectors by ASTM E108" Aug 1981;


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